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Video, Photography, Fun - Oakville Lane Productions, Inc.

Video, Photography, Fun

This site is a long time coming. It’s been a very back-burner project- which is silly when you think about how much a site is a tool and calling card especially in the content creation world. That said, I’ve been too busy to pay much attention to a site, even my own. But that’s changing. I’m making it a priority. It’s a work in progress.

And you’ll have reason to visit from time to time – to learn something new, see something new and hopefully feel comfortable talking about your next project. Maybe you just want to ask a question. That’s okay. Maybe you need something produced to tell your or someone else’s story. I can help. Maybe you need a TV show or documentary. Been there. Done that. Maybe you want some high quality photos taken. I can help. Maybe you need more of a partner in your project; someone with tons of experience to work along beside you but take the reins when needed. I can help. Or maybe you see some cool stock photography or video here that you’d like to buy. Are you sensing a theme here? But don’t forget the fun. If we can’t make it fun, neither of us should be doing it.

I always say, “Talk is cheap. In fact, it’s free.” So drop me a note if you’d like to chat. kevin@oakvillelane.com